Worldwide Shipment!
Worldwide Shipment!
Mirco RTS seat

Mirco RTS seat

Mirco seats are made of reinforced polyester - glass, characterized by high strength, ensuring the safety and comfort of use.


  • Fixing: Side
  • Weight: 8,8 kg
  • Approval: FIA 8855-1999
  • Cover: Velour


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337,72 €
274,57 €
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The price of these seats is determined individually. The price show above is for a basic seat. Additional cost will be added after receiving the project. Please contact us through the form to present the project concept and its valuation.

Product description

We offer you one of the most popular racing FIA Approved seat in Europe. Ideal offer for those who seeks comfortable, modern design racing seat. Mirco seats are made of reinforced polyester - glass, characterized by high strength, ensuring the safety and comfort of use. The new, improved version ensures perfect grip. Shell is made from light, high quality fiberglass. The Mirco RTS offers a great sleek design that is sure to impress anyone. Thanks to its removable lumbar and leg supports, the driver can tailor the seat to their configuration and what suits their driving style. The RTS is a wider version of the Mirco GT seat, and therefore more suitable for people of a larger physique. Thanks to the deep sitting position of the RTS, the driver can feel safe and comfortable in their seat and don't have to worry about moving around much.
Monolithic construction seat:
- Upholstered In velvet material
- Made of high durability glass fiber reinforced plastic shell mould
- 5 harness slots, can be used with 4, 5 or 6 point race harnesses
- maximum recommended driver dimensions: ~ 100 kg / 190 cm
Mirco RTS seat has the latest FIA homologation that allows you to take part in all FIA events across the World!!!
Size chart base Size chart with ears base Seat size - a Seat size - b Seat size - c Seat size - d Seat size - e Seat size - f Seat size - g Seat size - h Seat size - i Seat with ears size - i
Model a b c d e f g h I Height Weight
RTS 600 mm 660 mm 405 mm 430 mm 520 mm 930 mm 290 mm 610 mm 600 mm Up to 190 cm Up to 100 kg
GT 585 mm 665 mm 380 mm 405 mm 500 mm 930 mm 290 mm 610 mm 580 mm 170 – 185 cm Up to 85 kg
RS1 575 mm 630 mm 370 mm 410 mm 470 mm 910 mm 290 mm 630 mm 770 mm* Up to 180 cm Up to 85 kg
RS2 585 mm 660 mm 385 mm 420 mm 480 mm 960 mm 290 mm 630 mm 800 mm* Up to 190 cm Up to 95 kg

* - seats with ears

Dimensions are indicative