Worldwide Shipment!
Worldwide Shipment!
Omp seat side mount brackets aluminium

Omp seat side mount brackets aluminium



  • Approval: FIA
  • Cover: Aluminum
Product code: HC/925
Availability: 14-21 working days
Price (Contact us)
229,96 €
186,96 €
tax excl.
The price of these seats is determined individually. The price show above is for a basic seat. Additional cost will be added after receiving the project. Please contact us through the form to present the project concept and its valuation.

Product description

Pair of OMP ultra strong 6mm aluminium brackets to attach side mounted seats to subframes or seat rails. Single row lower mounting holes for multiple adjustment of height and angle. Designed to meet FIA appendix J art. 253.

Lenght: 495 mm
Thickness: 6mm

Seat Mounting Examples
Seat with lower attachments points
  1. Sliding brackets (HC/665).
  2. Optional seat bracket spacer (HC/857 or HC/858).
  3. Seat mounting bracket (vehicle specific).
Seat with side attachments points
  1. Side mounting brackets (Racing).
  2. Sliding brackets (HC/665).
  3. Seat mounting bracket (vehicle specific).