Worldwide Shipment!
Worldwide Shipment!

How to choose a seat

Step one - purpose of the seat

While choosing a seat a basic question must be answered - what will be its’ use? The seats in our offer can be found in 2 sections: "FIA SEATS", where you will find only professional models for sport use and "ROAD SEATS" with NOT FIA-approved seats for road use, amateur pursuit or classic cars.

Step two - seat size

Each chair has its own shell shape and individual dimensions. Next to each seat on the site, you’ll find a sketch of seat with the most important dimensions and a table with a comparison of the same measurements for different seats. The most important are two dimensions - the width of the seat, because it depends on whether we fit in the chair and the height of the harnesses slots, which for your safety should be at the appropriate height. Optimally, the user’s arms should end up in the openings of the harness slot - they cannot be below the lines of the slot, they cannot cover the hole either. In the description you will also find general recommendations - to what height/ weight of the user is the seat designed for. All of this information is only a guide, there is no substitute for trying on a chair. If you would like to try out a chair yourself – your welcome to visit our showroom.

Step three - select details

After selecting seat that matches your dimensions, it’s time for choice of trim, color or unique decor. Most of seats can be ordered in several color versions, and with our "CUSTOM SEATS" section you can design your unique chair based on a wide range of colors, finishes and personalized embroidery (for example, the name of the driver or the name of the team). Thanks to high stock levels, orders for typical seats are realized without unnecessary delay. In the case of custom orders the delivery date of orders is usually not longer than 7 business days.

Step Four – select mounting

All seats in our offer have mounting holes located on the side of the seat and for proper installation appropriate mounts must be selected. The simplest and easiest way to install is to choose a simple, universal side mount (A). Since the floor of each car has a distinctive shape, it may happen that the side mount is not enough for the assembly of the seat; therefore to be sure that mounting will be “plug and play”, you should also get a bottom mount (C) dedicated for your car. The bottom and universal side mounts will be compatible with each other. If you want the seat to be able to move back and forth - sliding rails (B) should be added between these two attachments, which you can also find in our offer.